Valentus Prevail Emulin C and Emulin M Optimized Sugar Manager

Everybody needs Emulin to equip the body with the nutrients necessary to manage and chaperone sugars and carbohydrates which when regulated, will manage inflammation and balance insulin and assist in weight management and overall health.

Valentus Prevail Emulin by Dr. Joseph Ahrens is the discovery of a lifetime

Prevail Emulin is a high-demand product because everybody needs it to properly regulate sugar and carbohydrates. Emulin is a vitamin-like formulation that our bodies need daily. The impact results in less inflammation, insulin regulation, and weight loss. Inflammation is the root cause of every illness.

Let Thy Body Heal Itself.

The Challenge

​Most diseases today are categorized as inflammatory diseases. Digestive issues, lack of energy, heart disease, asthma, skin disorders, alzheimers, unmanageable weight gain, arthritis. Everyone suffers from chronic inflammation to some degree. But why? What is causing this health epidemic? 

The Culprit

Through food processing and engineering over the last 100 years, we have unwittingly stripped our foods of previously undiscovered, critical compounds. These compounds are now impossible to obtain through diet.

The Missing Link

​Our breakthrough discovery is being hailed as ground-breaking. Compounds that were meant to be ingested with nearly everything we eat. Compounds that are now lost to our diets. The missing link to your health. A discovery set to turn the entire industry on its head. 

Valentus Prevail Emulin C and Emulin M by Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Two Time Nobel Prize Nominee, Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Emulin was discovered by Dr. Joseph Ahrens, Two Time Nobel Prize Nominee, and is exclusive to Valentus. Safe for all ages and all stages of life.

Dr. Joseph Ahrens is an animal and plant physiologist researching  life at the cellular level.  Dr. Ahrens  started out at the University of California-Davis, as so many researchers do, and went on to become the Head of Technologies and Consumer Services for Green Giant Fresh. From there he became Director of Research for the Florida Department of Citrus. He was there to bring that research facility to a commercial level and to promote citrus through good research. In the course of his research, Dr. Ahrens made a life-changing discovery, and it is now available from Valentus. PREVAIL EMULIN®.

Scientific findings prove that Emulin assists the body in managing sugar and carbohydrates, which in turn, manages inflammation, which is caused by the overload of sugars in the body. When used daily, Emulin acts as a chaperone to regulate insulin and insulin responses. While we do not and can not claim that Emulin heals any disease or condition, we can point to the science behind this vitamin-like supplement and the published medical abstract and findings.

Scientific findings on Emulin

Valentus Prevail EMULIN® is an all-natural patented blend of 3 ingredients that work in synergy to significantly reduce the negative effects of carbohydrates, giving sustained energy throughout the day.

Valentus Prevail EMULIN® was developed by Two Time Nobel Prize Nominated Scientist, Dr. Joseph Ahrens. He often says that if EMULIN® was discovered 50 years ago it would have been classified as a “vitamin.” Modern day food processing has stripped “Valentus Prevail EMULIN®-like compounds” from our diet. These need to be added back by supplementation -- 500 mg of Valentus Prevail EMULIN® effectively provides this.

Our bodies need EMULIN® to replace the flavonoids missing in our diet, it is like an “essential vitamin!” This is the missing link in our nutrition and why INFLAMMATION is an epidemic causing pain, disease & suffering, globally.

Prevail EMULIN® M & Prevail EMULIN® C

C & M have the same ingredients, all food sourced. Myrecetin (Bayberry), Quercetin (Onion skins) & Chlorogenic Acid (Green Coffee Bean extract, no caffeine) simply in different proportions.

“C” is the original formula. Great for everyone. A carbohydrate manager & sugar chaperone everyone needs and yes, everyone CAN take C. However, those with high blood sugar issues in particular, must take C. C is for Control.

 “M” was formulated to be more powerful, with a focus on energy management, but should not be taken by those persons that are primarily concerned with high blood sugar. This is because M causes glucose to leak out of fat tissue, more energy and less fat but perhaps too much glucose overload at once! M is for Maintenance.

Prevail EMULIN® isn’t a product, It’s a revolutionary Scientific Discovery! A vitamin-like compound that is essential for everyone. We need EMULIN®, like we need water and oxygen. 

"This isn't just about sugar. This is about the missing link to sugar. Much like salt is poison to our body when separated into sodium and chloride, separating sugar from these compounds is poisonous and creates an inflammatory response. But, much like salt, together the compounds are vital to our health. Sugar needs these compounds to be healthy, and our bodies need sugar in its natural state.  A state we can no longer achieve through diet. ~Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Dosage Instructions

You may take EMULIN® with or without food. When you begin, take 1 in the AM and 1 in early PM. If you take it prior to a meal you will reduce the caloric intake by 1/3! Once your bloodstream is saturated in 3-5 days, you may also choose to take 2 capsules in the morning!


My Dad is 92 years old and has suffered with "dizzy spells" since he was just a boy, but is otherwise remarkably healthy considering his advanced age. On day one of taking an Emulin C in the morning and another one in the evening, his dizzy spells have stopped. He's been on Emulin C for just about 3 weeks now and has not had one episode of dizziness since he began taking Emulin. He was suffering with dizziness every day at some point until now. Dad is so excited and so am I. He told me nothing has ever worked for him until now. As my Dad's primary care-giver, I am beyond words to tell you how thankful we are for Emulin. ~Jamie D.


MI have to tell y’all something..... I have had neuropathy in my feet for at least 10 years due to being a diabetic. I am/was taking the max dose of gabapentin and 3 months ago added the max dose of amitriptyline. I received my Emulin c yesterday. I took 3 last night at bed time and took 3 this morning and for the first time in AT LEAST 10 years my feet don’t burn or feel tingly. I am absolutely amazed!!!! ~Kim T.


Just thought you might like to know that, because of severe arthritis in my hands, I have not been able to shuffle my deck of cards when I play canasta with my sister. This seems like a small thing really, but its just another issue that makes me sad and robs me of my independance. Well, until today that is! Yep, thats right, Thanks to Prevail Emulin, today, I shuffled my own dang cards! Wahoo! One more small victory towards better health for me! Onwards and upwards! ~Careylea S.

*Diabetes Type II, Neuropathy Pain

I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 a few months ago and was having extreme numbness and pain in my legs and feet, especially numbness in toes. The pain was bad and hurt just to walk. At the end of week 1 taking Emulin, I started to notice a big difference in my pain and numbness going away. I am currently pain free in my legs and feet. Emulin C has really helped me out and I highly recommend it to anyone else who has diabetes to give it a try. ~Ron S.


My son is 22 and is under the autism spectrum. He has been taking emulin since January 2017. I knew EMULIN was helping him but I didnt realize how much until we ran out of product this Spring. His behavior went sideways. He was aggressive, not as communicative, resistant to care and difficult to be around. Within 4 days of being back on the emulin he started telling us he was feeling better, he was sleeping better and his communication improved. The change was evident to his caregivers and I was getting text messages saying "I dont know what you did but your boy is back". One of his main caregivers said "dont ever run out of emulin again". ~Laurie P.

*Multiple Medical Issues and Weight Loss

I started taking Emulin and I was shocked and amazed to watch my feet and legs in 2 days start to shrink due to inflammation guess what, I do have ankles. Emulin has been better for me then the prednisone with out the weight gain , in fact I am loosing weight! ~Karen M.


Just a quick note to say for those that suffer from painful periods in peri menopause like me, I’ve teamed up Emulin and 24/7 and I literally feel no pain. Before I’d be good for nothing and doubled over in pain. On day 1, my symptoms got better. Dream team of products.~Louise C.


Second day on my Emulin M and no pain and I suffer terrible with my TMJ especially under stress and I’m under a lot of that at the moment so happy. ~Sara-Leigh M.


I've been a chronic sufferer of daily persistent headaches with migraines for 5 years and 2 months. Immediately after starting Emulin, my headaches are gone. I am actually amazed and will continue to take Emulin. ~Nicola J.

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