Total Transformation Method 6 Without Coffee

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Valentus Opportunity Total Transformation Method 6 with Cocoa

All of our Valentus Prevail products are a great choice by themselves. But many people have a lot of weight to lose or challenges to overcome physically. Maybe someone has been carrying around extra pounds for years which makes it harder to get the body to get out of it's comfort zone. While no one product works for every single person, we recommend one of our Total Transformation Methods to get your body in fat-burning mode in a healthy way. *Whatever physical condition you currently find yourself in, we have a solution in combining our products for maximum capacity results.

TIP: Always drink plenty of water with any nutritional product. Thirst is a good sign that your body is trying to burn fat. In order to do this, it needs good ole' H2O to complete the process. Staying hydrated is essential with any weight management program.

Valentus Opportunity Total Transformation Method 6 with Cocoa


In this category, we have Total Transformations 6 with Cocoa.

You Start Total Transformation 6 by Choosing 6 Prevail Products

  • Simply choose one or two canisters of ThermoRoast Cocoa - if you plan to drink 2 cups of cocoa a day (one in the morning/one mid-afternoon) choose 2 canisters. If you plan to only drink one cup in the morning, choose one canister.

  • Choose a night time formula such as Prevail 24/7 (comes with 2 items, a.m. formula, p.m. formula) or Prevail HiBurn 8, another night time slimming product.

  • Choose a day time weight management supplement like Skinny Body Max, Prevail Emulin C or M, Prevail 24/7, Prevail Trim, or Prevail Skinny Fiber.

  • If you are someone who doesn't lose weight easily, we recommend one of our detox products to help prepare your body for the change to fat burning such as Prevail Breakthrough ( a 12 day cleanse), V-TOX Tea or MOREdetox, which are drops for your water you will love ... we call it black water, but don't let that turn you away, it's the most delicious water you'll ever drink and your body needs it.

  • Finally, you may want to address your immune system with Prevail Immune, address lack of get-up-and-go with Prevail Energy, or provide nutrition for your body's cells with Prevail MAX, a nutritional oral spray.

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Valentus Opportunity Total Transformation Method 6 with Cocoa.
Why People Choose Total Transformation Method 6 with Cocoa (6 Products for $239.95)
  • To Save Money - Single products each cost $59.95, but when you select 6 products in the same order, the cost per item is reduced to $39.95. Total Tranformation Method with 6 products costs $239.95, plus tax and shipping. That's a savings of $20 per item.

  • Couples like this method because they can each get 3 products and cash in on the savings.

  • Some people have a favorite product like Prevail ThermoRoast Cocoa and choose to buy 6 for to save money per item.

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*We recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning any new weight management protocol if you are pregnant or under the advice and care of a physician for a physical ailment.


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