It's no secret the wellness direct sales category is a crowded and competitive space to be in these days. If a company is going to make it they have to be a cut above the rest.  We feel Valentus fits that bill. They have worked hard to separate themselves from the crowd, bringing to market innovations in science designed to make sense with modern lifestyles. The many testimonials are proof of this.

Valentus Founder and CEO, Dave Jordan, began his career as a distributor in the direct sales industry and leads this company based on the philosophy "for distributors, by distributors."  That experience gained early on in the field as a distributor is a vital component of the unique culture at Valentus. Dave has gone on to achieve great success as a direct sales company owner and his experience in all facets of the industry are making a huge difference in the success of Valentus.

Rick Jerrells

Nutritional Program Developer and Advisor

Valentus Royal Diamond Executive


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